Setharivilianos "Seth" Aeralinarum

Like Makobo but whining all the time


Male Elf, Age 126.
Alchemist 14

Medium K’Ristas Elf (Humanoid)
Initiative +6 ( +6 Dex)
Senses Low light vision.
Perception +19
Languages Common III, Elven III, Ignan III, Goblin III, Dwarven II, Undercommon II, Draconic II, Terran II.

AC 20 , touch 16 , flat-footed 14 ( Armor +2, Dex +6, Natural, Deflection).
HP 194
Fort +11 , Ref +15, Will +4
Defensive Qualities: immune to sleep & poison, +2 vs enchantments

Speed 30 feet.
Melee 11/6
Ranged 16/11
BAB 10/5
CMB 11. CMD 27
Special Abilities Comp Lang & Read magic & Detect poison & Detect magic 1/day, mutagen, surge +d6, Display of Int, Mutagenic surge


Ring – Anti-Black rain

Seth’s Formulae’s (Caster level 14)
1st (12) Targeted bomb admixture, Reduce pers, Disguise self, Shield, Cure light, Expeditious retreat, Enlarge pers, Heightend awarness, Crafter’s fortune, Illusion of calm
2nd (7) Alchemical Allocation, Invisibility, Touch injection, Barkskin, Skinsend, Cat’s Grace, Spider climb, Resist energy, Cure moderate, Fox’s cunning
3rd (6) Fly, Haste, Channel vigor, Displacement, Protection from energy
4th (5) Greater Invisibility, Restoration, Freedom of movement, Ecolocation, Caustic blood
5th (3) Delayed consumption, Magic Jar

Abilities Str 13, Dex 23, Con 15, Int 25, Wis 11, Cha 10

Feats: Brew Potions(B), Throw Anything(B), Point Blank Shot, Presice Shot, Rapid Shot, Two Weapon Fighting, Cluster Shot

Discoveries: Precise bomb, Frost bomb, Tanglefoot bomb, Infution, Fast bomb, Mutagenic form, Greater Mutagen, Explosive bombs, Sticky bombs, Madness bombs

14 Acrobatics +25
14 Apraise* +24
14 Craft*: Alchemy +24 / +38
8 Disable Device* +17
12 Disguise +12
8 Escape artist +14
6 Fly* +15
Handle Animal
6 Heal* +9
Knowledges: 5 Arcana* +15 ; 4 Nature* +14 ; 1 Planes +8 ; 1 Dungoeniring +8 , 1 Local( Crystal Forest) +8
2 Linguistics +9
14 Perception* +19
Sense Motive
8 Sleight of Hand +17
14 Spellcraft* +24
14 Stealth +25
8 Use Magic Device* +11

Due to assimilating the Cilidian, Seth gains and suffers the following fortunes and follies:
Enhanced Vigor


Skill Specializations:

Special Bonuses:

Inherent bonuses:

Exp – (Next level ).


After burning down his lab, and escaping south, Seth was abducted by the Red Rose to slave away at the basement of one of their bases on the north side of the Deep Sea.
While being forced to consume alchemical ingrediants to survive, Seth kept track of the changes those ingridients imposed on his body and mind.
It was one fateful night where the concuction he made ended up in a blackout. When he regained control, he was a few good miles away from the now burning building, running through the streets.
It was in that desperate moment that he was found hiding in a barrel by Finn Windhelm, John Shever and Arizael the monk.

Makobo’s tl;dr-
Ohhh… you don’t know my pain!!
Cry me a fucking river- let’s blow something up!!!

Setharivilianos "Seth" Aeralinarum

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