Matter is the cost.


Male Human
Cleric of Ash level 6, sorcerer of fey level 6, Darkening Speaker 3
Law Neutral Medium undead (Risen)
Init 1 ( 1 Dex)
Perception +7
Languages: Common, Sylvan

AC 27, touch 13, flat-footed 26, CMD 22
(1 Dex, 7 Red-Dragon hide-Armour , 2 def, +7 NA )
hp 121; DR 10/ – ; 10/ fast healing ; Turn resistence 5.
Frost Immunity, fire/electricity 10 resistance, Sound vulnerability.
Fort +13 Ref +6 Will +26

Speed 30 feet
Melee Spear 11/6 (1d62)
Base Atk 9/4; CMB +8
Sovereign Word (Su)
Touch of Law (sp)
fey arcana (
2 compulsion)
darkened tongue.
domain focus.
extra domain. (Darkness and Dream)
fey bloodline.
True Name
Ashen Word
Ashen Presence

cloaks, food worth of 4 days, water skin, Darkening metal dagger, bag, rope, 5 Candles, 2 torches, flint and steel, blankets roll, 1 finger of death scroll, marked bones worth 25 gp, 17 offers worth 25 gp each, 4 holy water vials, 4 cursed water vials,10 onyx worth 25 gp, ruby worth 50 gp, diamond worth 250 gp , diamond worth 500 gp, incense worth 200 go, continual torch, cloak of resistence + 2, Darkening Warrior mask (resistance +3 , 3 time per day 50% miss chance) , amulet of recovery and + 2 netural armor , 5 spiders, spear, diamond dust worth 4800 gp, Rubi Dust worth 200 sphere of anti – magic ,silver dust worth 1000 sp, anti magic scroll — Eyes of the premordium, communication device. Fey made red dragonhide armor +3, elven cloack, 3 banishment scrolls, 3 protodermis keys to dream plane, survival ring, amulet of twi faces (allow the change apparent template from undead to fea, +2 Turn Resistance, 10 damage reduction positive energy)
Zehok’s temple 4 gp per month,
7743 gp current
10 sp

domains: law, domination (sacred land pathfinder domain)

typical learned spell:
0 level: create water, mending, read magic, pure food and water.
1st level: Sanctuary, shield of faith, Obscuring Mist, endure elements, magic weapon, Remove fear, Deathwatch . domain: defend from chaos,
2st level: silence, spiritual weapon, death knell, owl’s wisdom, Calm emotion, Find traps . domain: hold person
3rd level: day light, searing light, wind wall, helping hand, Dispel magic, Blindness/deafness, Speak with dead. domain: magic circle against chaos.
4th level: Sending, order’s wrath, holy smite, giant vermin, Death Ward. domain: lesser gees.
5th level: Flame Strike, Slay living, Dispel Evil, Breath of Life, Summon monster V ( Azata Bralani). Domain: Dominate Person/Dispel Chaos)

fey sorcerer known spell: cast per day: level 1: 7, level 2: 7, Level 3: 7, Level 4: 5
0 level: Message, Open/Close, Touch of Fatigue, Prestidigitation, Mage hand, Ghost Sound, Flare, Daze,
1 level: Entangle, ventriloquism, Jump, shield, True Strike, mount
2 level: Hideous Lough, Detect Thoughts, Invisibility, Misdirection.
3 level: Deep Slumber, Suggestion, Major Image.
4 level: Charm Monster, Fear.

Abilities Str 15, Dex 12, Con -, Int 12, Wis 28, Cha 19
Feats: focus school: enchantment,
improved focused school: enchantment,
channel negative energy 5d6 (dc will 23),
heighten spell,
Iron Will,
preferred Spell: Command,
Quicken Spell, Scroll Scribe .

Pristine (Risen ability), Despair (Risen ability),
woodland stride,
Fey fascination (Dark fey ability dc will 22),

Skills: Spellcraft +14, Knowledge (religion) +13, intimidate + 19, knowledge (planes) + 14, sense motive + 20, Primordium 14, Diplomacy 12, knowledge arcana +4,

Exp 719,05409(890,000)




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