The Godspell: the Holy Eye campaign

The Dungeon of Mysteries Pt,2
Where old stories are told and new friendships are born.

As Arodan was about to go to his way, The Epic story of “The shattered mirror” which I told Seth on the entirety was concluded, Seth and me approached him and asked for our share of a miracle.
Kindly and discreetly he agreed to our humble requests and went on his way – and so I got a Collar that Dauth Alman would accept to wear while Seth miracle is to ascend beyond Ra’ain.

Hurkan, which knows everything about the dungeon started leading the way across lots of very dusty and rusty rooms.
With Hurkan brilliance hoarding all the treasures that were hiding!

And so, after we froze a jelly to its demise we came into a room full with magical spears of jealousy and money!
At first the immense collection of ancient civilization long lost, with the spears still waiting to be cared for has left an immense impression on how sad the ages went by and the lives that passed through while those shiny spears were longing for a master.
But. as the twisted joke that twisted all the magnificent things in this once beautiful mansion – so were the spears gone twisted, and their longing for a master made those who saw them blind with greed to the rest of the group.
Seth. which was bestowed with the new role of a protagonist less then an hour before, got the effect of greed the hardest, and thanks to Zehok and Adrielle wise words he’s got a better bargain then the scale he thought of first, when we made it clear to him that by being a part of this group – we would lay ourselves for his life
Thus breaking the ages long curse on the Spears, and giving the new-found hero a good lesson on Friendship.

As our journey went down and down, we discovered a path to the top, to speak with Nick proudmore carrying his sword Senaria. Nick was as gallant as a ghost as the stories were of him while being alive. Even letting us borrow his nameless sword (at the moment) from his grave.

With hearts full of fear and fire
we shall now go deeper under
No shadow to our side
Muck and sorrow we will might
The grave we will pure of Blight


The woods that never were
Where Makubo explodes the Dark-Elves into oblivion and we gift Elohim with a new place

And so, after dealing with those unwanted tea-party guests
we we’re back on our way towards the location where the Dark-elves started amassing an army through a portal
As we neared the place we started doubting ourselves but when we got there we knew what to be done.

Or at least that’s how the bards will tell it.

But truthfully – we had a pyromaniac with unlimited supply of bombs who we started to feel getting bored and too close to Aggron.

So we told Makubo to sneak into the portal and severe it’s connection
as he disappeared we had some time to relax and chat a bit.
as the BOOMing started getting intenser and bigger – a big spiral of… well… doom-like energy started emitting from the three trees where the portal hid and destroyed a big chunk of the forest while spreading. Ahroun looked kinda sicker as well, and we started trying to figure how to fix it. (Or more like Adrielle and Aggron)
Something like 3 minutes have passed and eyebrows burned and a charcoal body behind Makubo returned with what appeared to be a dead priestess of “the Mother” (or as my elf grandpa liked to call her – Lolth the spider dweller with a spit gesture to emphasize on her being evil.)
After a little check we discovered we actually tore down the wall that separates the Dark-Elves from our Plane.
As we figured a plan, Zehuk said there’s an entity that would surely take the place as her own and could make sure none would get to here, ensuring the woods safety.
We decided to make a trip Me, Adrielle and Zehuk to the entity called Elohim and gift him with the place (dead woods and portal, a really nice 1+1 deal!)
So we went to his plane, a pretty beautiful place.
First we need a guide to find Umbaba the caretaker of Elohim’s garden
Adrielle summoned a beautiful bird, with sapphire wings and a fiery tail, accompanied with the eyes of dreams she came, she would show as the way to Umbaba – but with a price.
And so I suggested that I would tell the story of her Beauty to every plane I’ll come to in front of an audience (more than 7 was the amount I understood as acceptable, but I’ll try to make it in front of 35 at least) also, as to make the story more intense and give it more of a dramatic impact I asked for one of her feathers to show as proof for her beauty, to which she accepted in return for a story all for herself, and so I can’t say more on the subject.

We came to Umbaba, who after some talk saw fit to take us to Elohim and led us to him.
At Elohim’s cave we saw him, a mighty and amazing specimen that shone of knowledge and awesome power none can adhere.
we have presented him the woods, and so he accepted them. taking then as his own.
afterwards bringings us back to the woods 0 and to our friends.

All in all – the next step is to the Elf princess, hoping for a helping hand in our way to eliminate the horrible Pandourim
Hope is not lost
You’rs truly

We also chat a little with dead-priestess, was helpful but the Moter heart we got from her was even more helpful ;P


A tea-party with a lich
where the Party is confronted with evils from the past and biscuits

The events’ as told by Sync-Ron Ayzer, the Epic Bard of many feats:
So – in order to find Alice the party came to <place> that was once a prospering land. but now has been ridden and drained and looks pretty bad.
and it was all because of some weird floating guy that was in the middle of it all.
After bravely confronting him for his void and evil doings he tried to make things right by calling the great ten wizards of the planes. although if he would just summon Alice it would be fine.
so then they start to appear – Pale. white, Veiny… I saw it and knew that they too – as mt grandfather’s Grandpa the Bard Lich of legend, are liches as well!
once one of the beautiful yet cold and distant wizards has identified herself as Alice I, as been promised, gave her the Leaf that the Mad Hatter asked me to do, for the Destiny of the fight against the fearsome Jabberwocky must be with her.
As alice got hear leaf with the message the leaf was burnt as if to let as know that the Jabberwocky will perish like the leaf once she’ll be done with him.
after that two other Shadows came, old and mystic as the crones in Ashpor they were, yet looked as young as me and you!
they have vanquished 4 of the lich wizards as the dark vanquishes all at night, leaving no trace of their existence! so quick and silent was their death that no tear could be shed for the loss of them.
A fight would then ensue if we had not Teleported to a nearby cliff by one of the liches – so as to thank her, I invited her and everyone, for tea and biscuits.
And so we Drank, And we ate
And that how fair Maidens, I sent a message to the Legendary Alice, and sat with a beautiful Lich for lunch discussing her ways of life – and I’ve also got her hair strand to prove it!~

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