Cradle "Aadhya" (Matron)


Female Druid 6/Fate Mage 1/Geomancer 8
NG medium fey (augmented humanoid – human)

Init +5 ( +5 Dex); Senses Low light vision; Perception +26
Languages Common III, Druidic, Sylvan III, Terran II, Infernal II, Elven II, Kin II.

AC 28, touch 17, flat-footed 18; CMB 23
(7 Armor, +5 Dex, +4 Natural, +2 Deflection).
HP (7d8
8d6= 80)+168= 275; DR 10/Cold Iron
Defensive Qualities Resist fire, cold and electricity 10
Fort +15 (1/day reroll), Ref +11, Will +18 (1/day reroll); +4 against mind affecting effects, +4 vs. spell-like and supernatural abilities of fey and effects that utilize or target plants.

Speed 30 feet.
Melee +9/ +4
Ranged +13/ +8
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Base Atk +8/ +3
CMB +9
Attack Options Spellcaster
Special Abilities Wildshape (5/day), Nature Sense, Nature Bond (Animal Companion), Woodland Stride, Trackless Step, Resist Nature’s Lure, Wild Empathy( +16), Venom Immunity.
Combat Gear

  • Staff of XXX (CL 20)- Considered as a staff of the magi, staff of frost and staff of size alteration.
    The following powers do not use charges:
    • Arcane lock
    • Arcane sight
    • Detect magic
    • Enlarge person (Fortitude DC 15 negates)
    • Hold portal
    • Ice storm
    • Light
    • Mage armor
    • Mage hand
    • Reduce person
    The following powers drain 1 charge per usage:
    • Black Tentacles
    • Greater Dispel magic
    • Fireball (10d6 damage, Reflex DC 17 half)
    • Invisibility
    • Knock
    • Lightning bolt (10d6 damage, Reflex DC 17 half)
    • Passwall
    • Pyrotechnics (Will or Fortitude DC 16 negates)
    • Shrink item
    • Wall of fire
    • Wall of ice
    • Web
    These powers drain 2 charges per usage:
    • Cone of cold
    • Enlarge person, mass
    • Monster summoning IX
    • Plane shift (Will DC 21 negates)
    • Telekinesis (400 lbs. maximum weight; Will DC 19 negates)
    • Reduce person, mass
  • Scroll of Obscuring Mist

Domains Fertility, Luck, Magic.
Granted Powers:

Luck- Bit of Luck (Sp): Ad can touch a willing creature, giving it a bit of luck. For the next round, any time the target rolls a d20, he may roll twice and take the more favorable result.
Luck- Good Fortune (Ex): 2/ day as an immediate action, Ad can reroll any one d20 roll she has just made before the results of the roll are revealed. She must take the result of the reroll, even if it’s worse than the original roll.

Magic- Hand of the Acolyte (Su): At will, Adrielle can cause her melee weapon to fly from her grasp and strike a foe before instantly returning. This attack has a range of 30 feet and is treated as a ranged attack with a thrown weapon, except that Ad adds her Wisdom modifier to the attack roll instead of her Dexterity modifier (damage still relies on Strength). This ability cannot be used to perform a combat maneuver.
Magic- Dispelling Touch (Sp): 2/day Adrielle can use a targeted dispel magic effect as a melee touch attack.

Spell-like Abilities
3/day- Dancing Lights
1/day- Faerie Fire, Entangle (DC 16), Glitterdust (DC 17), Deep Slumber (DC 18), Major Image (DC 18), Confusion (DC 18), Feeblemind(DC 20), Mislead(DC 20).

Cradle’s Spell’s (Caster level Druid 14/ Fate Magus 10, Concentration +21)
Orisons (4)
1st (6 + Domain)
2nd (6 + Domain)
3rd (6 + Domain)
4th (5 + Domain)
5th (4 + Domain)
6th (3 + Domain)
7th (2 + Domain)

Abilities Str 12, Dex 20, Con 20, Int 18, Wis 25, Cha 20

Feats Eschew Materials[B], Craft Magical Items[B], Spell Focus (Conjuration)[B], Evoke Ley Energy[B], Ley Adept(Natural)[B], Geomantic Spell Focus[B], Vitality of the Leys[B], Augment Summoning, Natural Spell, Skill Focus(Knowledge [Nature]), Quicken Spell, Skill Focus(Spellcraft), Prestige, Superior Summoning, Companion Boon.
Skills 140 (114 ranks from level, 14 from human and 12 from favorite class).
2 Acrobatics* 9
2 Athletics* +6
4 Bluff* +12
Craft*: 1 Alchemy +8; 1 Carpentry +8; 1 Clothing +8; 1 Calligraphy +8
6 Diplomacy* +14
5 Fly* +12
6 Handle Animal* +14
14 Heal* +24 [ +2 when using medicinal herbs]
Knowledges: 5 Arcana* +12; 5 Geography* +15; 14 Nature* +32 [ +1 regarding insects, plants and cats]; 5 Planes* +12; 5 Religion* +12, 1 History* +8, 1 Local(Worm’s woods)* +8, 1 Local(Winding river valley)* +8
1 Linguistics +6
14 Perception* +26
Perform: 1 Dance +6
Profession*: 5 Herbalist +15; 1 Tanner +11; 1 Gardener +11; 1 Midwife +11; 1 Fortune-teller +11
5 Ride* +12
4 Sense Motive* +14
14 Spellcraft* +27 (
47 to connect into a natural Ley; +31 to any other)
12 Survival* +24

Salient Abilities
Call Forth the Wyld, Nature’s Ward, Elemental Avatar, Fertility Domain, Natural Grace.

Due to assimilating the Cilidian, Cradle gains and suffers the following fortunes and follies:
Sharpened Senses(x2): Gain a +2 competence bonus on Perception checks.
Improved Fortitude: +1 luck bonus on Fortitude saves, can reroll Fort 1/day.
Improved Will: +1 luck bonus on Will saves, can reroll Will 1/day
Enhanced Vigor: +1 hp per HD permanently.
Boon of Luck
Ability Boost: +1 inherent bonus to any 3 ability scores of your choice.
Rude: -3 penalty on all Cha checks and Cha based skill checks.
Cradle is considered to have read the Cilidian in its entireity.

Call Forth the Wyld

Elemental Avatar Every day Ad can selects a single element (fire, water, earth or air) to attune to. By doing so, she gains the following benefits:

  • +1 AC. If the element which was selected is earth or water, this bonus is to her natural armor. If Ad selected fire or air, this is a dodge bonus.
  • Ad can change her energy spells to correspond to the element she is attuned with.
    Feats like elemental focus and the like also change in order to correspond to the attuned element.
  • Ad is considered as having the domain and bloodline (primal) for that same element.

Nature’s Ward Ad gains +4 Armor bonus and may add one half of her wisdom modifier to her constitution when calculating HP.

Natural Grace Ad is unaffected and undamaged by natural hazards of all sorts, and adds her HD to the DC of tracking attempts made in natural environments against her.

Life Link The Cradle and Agron are linked. So long as Agron lives the Cradle cannot die. Instead, for every point of damage past those that would normally kill the Cradle, Agron takes one point of damage. Neither can be banished from a plane unless both are.

Sindel’s Favor This tattoo was given to the Cradle by her ‘mother’- Sindel. The powers of this tatoo grants the Cradle the following benefits:
+2 Wildshape uses per day
+2 Wild Empathy
+4 to connect a natural Ley Line, and +2 to the benefits from successful connection.
Additionally, the Cradle can decide to use 2 of her Wildshape uses in order to grant all animals, magical beasts, plants and fey in 18m radius from her an immediate connection check to a Ley Line she is connected to. If the connection attempt succeed they can benefit from one dowsing feat the Cradle has plus another for each 10 levels the cradle has (2).

Skill Specializations:
+2 to knowledge checks regarding ley lines

Special Bonuses:
Summoned earth elementals gains +1 hp per caster level, and stay for 1 more turn.

Inherent bonuses:
+2 Wis and +1 to Cha and Con from birth
+2 Dex from reading the Cilidian.

Equipment 200 gp worth of diamond dust, enhanced staff of the magi made from a branch of Agron and adorned with Anabell’s horn’s, Angels Bones(4), Dragon Bones(10).

Head Circlet of Persuasion
Forehead Headband of Seduction (+2 vs. plants&fey. +5 vs. humans)
Neck Amulet of Natural Armor +4
Shoulders Cloak of Resistance +1
Ring Ring of Protection +2
Body The Avatar
Armor Dragonhide(red) +3
Belt Belt of Foraging

Minor Businesses ([d.20+modifier]*5) profits per month.
All are masterwork operations
Herbalism (5 ranks); +5
Midwife (1 rank); +1
Tanner (1 rank); +1
Gardener (1 rank); +1
Fortune-teller (1 rank); +1

Exp – 654,680 (Next level 890K).


Cradle "Aadhya" (Matron)

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